2017 USPS Rates | Mitchell Graphics - background blurred metered postage stamp

A new year means new USPS rates. So how much is a stamp? What changes can I expect for other postage rates? Mitchell Graphics has the answers. The new changes coming to the US postal rates start January 22, 2017. Your direct mail and personal mail will be affected.

First-Class Mail®

So how much are stamps? First-Class Mail® will see letters at $0.49, with metered mail coming in 3 cents cheaper at $0.46.  Additional changes for First-Class Mail® rates are pictured below:

You can also expect increases for services such as media and library mail, certificates of mailing, COD, signature confirmation, and return receipts.

Presorted Mail

By taking the time to (or having Mitchell Graphics) presort your mailing, you can save on pieces over 1 oz.  For example, presorted mail up to 3.5 ounces can be sent at the same rate as a 1-ounce letter.  This up from 2 ounces last year.

It’s not every year you see price drops and weight allowance increases, but keep in mind though the average price will decrease, some presorted prices will raise slightly.

Other Services and Changes

Certified mail, media and library mail, as well as return receipt price increases, are pictured below:

Additionally, there has been some terminology and procedural changes this year.  Standard mail is now called USPS Marketing Mail®.  Alternate postage is now called “Share Mail” and features simplified pricing.  COD (Collect On Delivery) is being replaced by a hold for pickup service that just makes more sense than having postal carriers collect payment at the door.

Save and Work Smarter

Mitchell Graphics can do it all for you.  Check out our postcard pricing, and take a look at our variable data printing which allows you to customize and personalize the mailing.  Our print on demand capability ensures you don’t have to keep products on hand, but if you want a large run we can help with storage and order fulfillment too.  

As always, presorting and metering your postage will give you the best value.  For the occasional mailing, a postage meter or printable postage solution will help but when it comes to quantity, trust Mitchell Graphics to save you hassle and money.