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A new year means new USPS rates. So how much is a stamp? What changes can I expect for other postage rates? Mitchell Graphics has the answers. The new changes coming to the US postal rates start January 22, 2018. Your direct mail and personal mail will be affected.


The Breakdown

PRICES Effective January 22, 2018 

*Polybag/Clear Bag = NonMachineable Rates*

First Class

First Class Letter/FSM 

(Stamped up to 3.5 oz): $0.50 to $1.13 

   NonMachinable surcharge:   +$0.21


First Class Letter/Cards 

(Pre-Sorted): $0.378 to $0.458

   NonMachinable: $0.668


First Class Flat Single Piece: $1.00

   Additional ounce rate:  +$0.21


First Class Flat 

(Presorted 1 oz): $0.474 to $0.705

   NonMachinable: $0.799


First Class Postcard Single Piece: $0.35


First Class Postcard: $0.257 to $0.28


EDDM Retail: $0.178


International Stamp (1oz): $1.15


USPS Marketing Mail Up to 3.5 oz Letter/4oz Flat (Automation Rates)


Letter/FSM/Booklet: $0.251 to $0.287       

  *Non-Automation $0.287 to $0.30          

  *Carrier Route: $0.186 to $0.292  


*NON MACHINABLE $0.479 to $0.646*


Flat: $0.393 to $0.598                                    

  *Non-Automation $0.466 to $0.634        

  *Carrier Route: $0.219 to $0.295 


Non-Profit Up to 3.5 oz letter/ 4 oz flat 

(Automation Rates)


Letter/FSM/Booklet: $0.136 to $0.172

*Non-Automation $0.172 to $0.185

*Carrier Route: $0.111 to $0.21


*NON MACHINABLE $0.364 to $0.531*


Flat: $0.227 to $0.432

*Non-Automation $0.30 to $0.468

*Carrier Route: $0.15 to $0.21


Most notable increase: First Class full rate now $0.50 and Postcard Stamps now $0.35


The ranges are subject to weight and presort conditions.

Card Size

3.5 x 5” to 4.25 x 6”


Letter Size

3.5 x 5” to 6.125 x 11.5”


FSM/Booklet Size

6 x 10”     


Flat Size

6.125 x 11.5” to 12 x 15”



Must exceed one card/letter size dimension


Regarding Holiday Closures: Monday, January 1 New Year’s Day

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