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Literature Fulfillment

What is literature fulfillment?

Literature fulfillment involves the timely assembly and shipping of printed materials like business cards, catalogs, presentation folders, and binders. This is done with promotional items for clients such as brochures, sales packets, and welcome packages. It’s also an integral step in operational shipments to franchise locations and field offices with products like bulk shipment of sales aids, letterhead, and branded forms.

Literature fulfillment can be done internally or outsourced. Depending on your type of literature needs, a company that does both printing and direct mail can be very helpful. Traditionally, large organizations and institutional clients have performed their own printing and fulfillment. An increasing number of small and large organizations are choosing to save time, money, and space by outsourcing this function.

When you’ve outsourced your fulfillment storage is offsite. You can print larger quantities and take advantage of lower price points. Shipments can come to you, your other locations, or even be drop-shipped to their final destinations. Need your printing sent as a direct mailing to prospects or customers? We’ve got you covered.

Corporate storefront

Mitchell Graphics can create a custom web portal for your organization that’s well suited both for print on demand jobs, and inventory management of pre-printed materials for your fulfillment needs. This is the same great service and consulting you’re used to by picking up the phone and calling us, with 24/7 convenience.

Streamline your company's branding, and keep it consistent by ordering through your corporate storefront. You’ve got access to the most recent revisions, without waiting for the proof approval process. Save more time by checking your history, and reordering the same ones as last time. Save space too, and reduce waste by letting us handle the storage, assembly, and shipping for you.

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