Mount St. Mary's University Case Study

"Visitors to college websites oftern leave frusterated and don't find all they're after. Matchbook transforms the experience into one where they find most of what they want and are happy with the experience."
Fawn O' Hara, Communications Director
Mount St. Mary's University


Our challenge was to help Mount St. Mary’s college to grow not only with awareness of the college itself, but also having prospective students act on that awareness and get involved with the college. Mount St. Mary’s chose us, Mitchell Graphics, to help them promote the college with the use of our skills in print, digital print, design, and our partnership with Dylan Valade on the Matchbook website design. The goal was to help Mount St. Mary’s to receive open house visitors, more college applications from potential students, and for the website to become more user friendly and easier to manage for all age groups.


After extensive research and analyzing the collected data, it was found that in order to receive the results Mt. St. Mary’s desired, we had to get innovative and original. With the use of the Matchbook program, the website was designed in a way that has made the site more personal. It is simple, creative, useful, and most of all: personalized. Matchbook allows visitors to choose their interests, then the website will build a custom online view book. In addition to Matchbook, if the visitor enters his or her full mailing address a custom brochure is sent to them within a week with all of their choices. These are just a few of the many solutions created for Mt. St. Mary’s.


The results were encouraging. Attendance for September Open House was down 5% while the November Open House was up 6% making a 1% increase overall. In addition to the Open House increases, one of the Mt. St. Mary’s summer events saw a 32% increase! (2012: 187 students; 2013: 247). In one year, 694 personalized brochures were mailed. 13% of visitors to the site gave full address and received a printed brochure. After a few months we pulled the data and the top choice was Residence Halls, so we added a slideshow.

Fawn stated that she and others at MSM are very happy with Matchbook, along with positive comments from users.

Overall very happy and believes we have a great product in Matchbook. She’s also very excited about what the future holds with it.

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