Commercial printing samples on display racks by Mitchell Graphics - The Top Solution for Traverse City & Petoskey

Commercial Printing Services

The Top Solution For Commercial Printing In Traverse City, Petoskey, And Beyond

The heart of what we do, commercial printing affords rich, high quality color reproduction, crisp image detail and diversity in the types of pieces that can be produced. It may be the most widely used form of printing, but at Mitchell Graphics we believe in doing it right. Our award-winning print experts are your trusted resource, making good use of collective knowledge and the tools at hand when crafting your promotional and collateral materials.

We believe it is our responsibility to care for the environment… for us, our customers and future generations.

By adopting Lean Manufacturing processes, we’re moving efficiency to the next level.

Consistency and accuracy is serious business. Using dialed-in international standards, G7 Certification and color enhancing technology, you can't help noticing the difference. It's what we do everyday.

It's time to add the final characteristics to your product. We offer a full line of finishing options to accomplish just that. It's the icing on the cake... making it uniquely yours.

Some of our finishing options include:

• Die-cutting
• Drilling (three hole punch, etc)
• Embossing
• Foil Stamping
• Glueing and Padding
• Machine and Hand Folding

• Machine and Hand Inserting
• Numbering
• Perforations
• Scoring
• Staple Binding
• Custom Hand Applications