Project Stats

Customer: Grand Traverse Conversation District

Agency: Proof Positive Design

  • Project Description: Parklands Trail Guide
  • Size: Digest size; 8.5" x 5.5"
  • Folded: Trifold center spread
  • Paper: Cougar Natural 80# Text
  • Quantity: 2500
  • Distribution: Direct Distribution

What Made This A Success

The Parklands Trail Guide has been extremely popular among users and the various constituents involved in making this project happen: The Grand Traverse Conservation District, Garfield Township, the City of Traverse City, Grand Traverse County, and Rotary Charities. It was distributed through the Boardman River Nature Center, area Visitor’s Centers, community outreach events, businesses, local community, governmental centers, and more.

The guide contains maps of nine area parklands under our management in one convenient booklet. We worked with Proof Positive Design to create a guide that is attractive and easy-to-use with a wealth of knowledge on each of the parklands. Users can better plan and anticipate their adventures and it allows us to better communicate the opportunities to explore nature and ultimately work toward The District’s mission to inspire exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world. 

We've also been updating the trailhead signage with the maps, icons and legends that Proof Positive Design created, allowing for a seamless user experience when they visit the parklands.

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