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Our History

Mitchell Graphics’ presses began rolling in March of 1972. Founded by brothers Bill and Andy Fedus, Mitchell Graphics was quickly recognized as a quality four color printer in northern Michigan.

In 1981 Mitchell Graphics began selling postcards nationally through a dealer network, and then moved to a direct selling approach in 1984. This direct sales approach proved to be the most effective way to reach potential customers and Mitchell Graphics’ customer base began to grow quickly.

With the art market (artists, art galleries, museums, etc.) being an early adopter of using direct mail postcards, Mitchell Graphics endeavored to continually improve its processes and quality of color reproduction. This commitment to the highest standards of quality is still a hallmark today.
In recent years, Mitchell Graphics has transitioned from selling only products – postcards and other printed materials – to become a full service provider offering creative, offset and digital printing, on-site direct mail and several integrated media options. It is Mitchell Graphics’ mission of “dedicated people working together to provide superior products and services for our customers’ success” that has been the catalyst behind the continued expansion of its diverse capabilities.

A commitment to our customers – their needs, goals and expectations – is why we do what we do. Mitchell Graphics is focused on helping people. And it is the people of Mitchell Graphics that you will find, for many years to come, offering solutions to help you succeed.