Digital Printing: Inspecting a High-quality color project at Mitchell Graphics

Digital Printing Services

Ideal for last minute, low quantities or on demand projects, digital printing has changed the scope of promotion forever. High quality reproduction no longer means costly set up fees and extended delivery times for those who only need and a ‘handful’ of product to get them by. It’s never been easier to make a great first impression without putting a huge dent in your budget. And with production waste overages being virtually non-existent, digital printing leaves a footprint that is definitely green.

Add in personalization and variable data (VDP), to make each piece relevant and actionable. Grab your audience’s attention by speaking directly to their individual needs and interests.

What is Digital Printing?

Simply put, digital printing is the result of sending an electronic file to an output device, like an inkjet or laser printer. However, when digital printing is used for print on demand (POD), direct mail personalization, large format printing, variable data printing (VDP), or direct mail marketing, things can get complicated quickly.

Digital Printing in the Home or Office
From documents to photos, business forms to resumes, personal inkjet and laser printers are quick, easy and affordable for many purposes in the home or office. When used within their capabilities, the benefits of desktop printers are hard to be beat. In general, they do a very good job of printing quantities of 1 to 100 pages in sizes up to 11" x 17".

Digital Printing at Mitchell Graphics
When cost effectiveness outweighs the convenience of doing it yourself at the home or office, that's where digital printing at Mitchell Graphics comes into play. While our digital equipment resembles that of a desktop printer, it's bigger, faster and capable of handling much larger, heavier paper stocks. Combined with our in-house mailing capabilities, traditional offset presses and award winning customer service, digital printing opens the doors to a wide range of possibilities.

Digital Printing Examples
- Quick turnaround, low quantity (100 to 2000) flyers, brochures, business cards and postcards
- Personalized letters, postcards and other direct mail pieces
- One-to-one variable data direct marketing campaigns