Benefits of a Corporate Storefront

Could you benefit from online management of all your print needs: anytime, anywhere? A solution to this is a custom print on demand storefront.

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This is an inexpensive and economical way to streamline your company’s branding. A custom storefront gives your marketing team the ability to order your business materials anytime and anywhere. Say goodbye to wasted marketing sales money and time, and hello to flexibility and convenience! 

Benefits of a Corporate Storefront

  • Flexibility/Convenience: Instead of you or your customers only being able to order when the office is open, Corporate Storefronts give an online option to order 24/7. It is right at your fingertips with being able to have self-service. What you want, when you want.
  • Proactive Communication: The storefront will give you this because you can check order history, check a status of an order, see what sales have been driven from your storefront, etc.
  • Saves Money: Less materials are wasted because the excess isn’t being thrown away.
  • Saves Time: Immediate online proofing saving time in the proof approval process. 
  • Brand Consistency: With multiple divisions or locations your brand is easily maintained because you are all using the same materials. 

How Can Corporate Storefronts Save You Money and Time?

With the technology growth in our current day, online purchasing has become extremely popular. According to Jennifer Matt, section editor on the website WhatTheyThink, there is value and almost expectation of web-to-print services for customers.  "All commerce is moving online."

Matt said that in order to keep up with the speed of the world nowadays, customers are becoming more pressed for time and want a self service option that is available 24/7. Imagine if your marketing team had the option to go online whenever they wanted to order business cards, postcards, brochures, or other print material.  Marketing and sales materials are often wasted because of the amount used and amount that is potentially leftover, or simply because not enough materials were ordered.  This wastes time and money for marketing and sales in your business departments, when an exact amount could have been ordered online at the beginning with the use of your Corporate Storefront.

How Can Mitchell Graphics Help with Your Corporate Storefront?

We offer complete online management of all your business print needs: place on demand print orders, manage inventory of commonly printed material, and maintain brand consistency of material ordered by various entities. You will receive immediate, online proofing of your file updates and access to all order history. No waiting or scheduling delays.

From print-ready workflows to custom branded web portals, we offer greater flexibility—with the same great consultative service when needed. What’s more, we understand time is short and budgets are tight. So help your customers order what they need, when they need it and they still receive the benefit of bulk order savings; we’ll store and ship on demand.

There’s a custom portal waiting for you! Contact a Mitchell Graphics account manager for more information.

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